Top U.S. Made Street Ride

The factory transmission is the 700R4.  This tranny has been a favorite among performance vehicle owners for years. It can be built to perform easy shift changes for everyday driving as well as for supporting performance cars with 450 foot-pounds of torque.  The 700R4 has an automatic overdrive feature that allows cars with high rear-end gear ratios to be driven at highway speeds without problems.


Originally, I had quit driving the car due to the transmission slipping.  When I decided to revive the Firebird, I knew this would be something that would have to be addressed.  After the Firebird had been stored for nearly seven years, the 4-speed automatic transmission was completely rebuilt by Kenny at Permian Basin transmission.

This is actually where the "Phoenix of the FireChicken" began.  I evaluated the options and the decision was made to completely rebuild, as opposed to putting a band-aid on a 25 year old tranny.  The 700R4 kit included:  the gaskets and seals, HQ clutches, forward bands, high volume filter, drain plug, and Trans-Scat valve body mod.  I think it fell short of the tight "Corvette shift" as promised, but so far it has performed well.


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