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67 camaro  1967 Camaro
Jimmy John's Sandwich Shops located the Camaro in Arizona. After bodywork and sanding, the car was painted and striped. It is now on display at their Illinois headquarters.
69 firebird
1969 Firebird
This car is from the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. It was purchased there in the early 70s and has held on to it ever since. The last five years has been spent on the restoration.
70 cutlass
1970 Cutlass Rallye
The Oldsmobile 350 F85 sport coupe is owned by Stuart Goldberg. He purchased it on eBay, and it was shipped from Chicago, IL to his home in South Florida.
79 trans-am
1979 Trans Am
Rebuilt and modified with Baer brakes, 9" rear 3:70 gears, LS3 crate engine, and a 4L65 electronic overdrive transmission.  Of course it's painted Smokey & the Bandit black and gold.
Red Raif
1987 RAIF Firebird
This Firebird has been customized to the max in red and black. Shannon started out with the tinting and wheels. She moved on to engine, interior, and body modifies!

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