The original interior was General Motors Ox Grey and Charcoal.  I have stayed pretty much to code on all of the fabric items.  The revision has included replacement door and side sail panels, new dash cap, headliner, and visors.  A window regulator, bushings in the steering column, and trunk and hood lift supports were also replaced.

After 25 years of wear, most of the interior fabric had deteriorated.  The driver’s side window would only roll down about four inches.  Knocking them out in one visit, Shannon at Permian Glass replaced motor on the door.  Obviously, the door panel would need to come off.  After searching for several weeks, I finally found a pair of gray door panels that matched the original deluxe ones… almost.  The replacements were designed for a Trans-Am GTA and had map pockets not on the original doors.  The color matched perfectly.  The old dash was covered by a gray dash mat, since there were four major cracks across the pad.  I had a heater core leaking into the passenger side floor board.  Replaced the heater core and was an ideal time to do the dash cap in one swoop.  Completed the interior cloth upgrade by changing out the sail panels that cover the speakers by the backseats, and had the headliner replaced along with the sun visors.

The next problem that needed attention was the wobbly tilt steering wheel.  The column got new bushings.  I now know what a steering wheel puller and Torx bits are.  It is now back to like new.   The hatch trunk lift supports would no longer stay up in cold weather.  Both sides got new support shocks.  I did the same for the hood.

I guess you could say I’m going through my second childhood.  What would revamping a sports car be without some tunes that sound good with the windows down in the summer?  Bought and installed a Kenwood eXcelon stereo, a Pioneer GM-6500F power amp, two 6×9 (back) and two 4×6 (front) Pioneer speakers.  It was kind of cool seeing GM AC/Delco stamped on the back of the old speakers.  The stereo has XM radio, USB, FM tuner and CD player.  The original had AM/FM cassette.  To secure this investment, I had a Viper Responder 2-way alarm system installed by Baldwin Electronics.  “Please step away from the vehicle!”  I am installing two Lorex wireless cameras over the carport that feed into a DVR to double the security at home.