Pontiac Firebird Related Documents

The General Motors Corporation 1987 Pontiac ‘F’ Parts and Illustration Catalog.  Printed May 1992.
Brochure for the 1986-87 Firebird TransAm – Advanced Technology Breeds Excitement.
Article on the 1987 Firebird Formula, first appearing in the November 1986 issue of Motor Trend magazine.
Pontiac Commercial
Video of the 1986 Pontiac Trans Am commercial on YouTube.
Trans-Am Commercial
Video of the 1982 Pontiac Trans Am commercial on YouTube.

Suspension & Chassis

After 25 years of wear, the Firebird suspension was still in pretty good shape.  Replacing the shocks and struts may or may not have been totally necessary.  Changing out the rotors, bearings, and brake pads was a good idea.  Doug and Danny at Forrest Tire gave some invaluable pointers. They also got to clean up the brake job done by another mechanic.

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