The FireChicken – 1987 Firebird

This website is about my “Fire Chicken”… a 1987 Pontiac Firebird. It’s been owned by one owner since it rolled out of the local Pontiac dealership over 30 years ago. Off of the lot, the base Firebird came with a full-length console, a front air dam, a GM computer command control system, the hatch “pull-down” feature to secure the trunk, concealed quartz halogen flip headlights, an Delco AM/FM cassette radio, cloth reclining front bucket seats, folding rear seats, three-spoke Formula racing steering wheel, and 15-inch Pontiac slotted aluminum mag wheels. The braking system consisted of front disc and back drum. It was ordered with power windows and locks, and has most of the features that came standard on the Formula.

Fast forward to Summer 2015, when the ‘Phoenix of the Fire Chicken’ began. With the end of General Motors making the Pontiac line… and my Firebird making it past its 25th birthday, it was time to dust off the tires and bring it back to life. Instead of approaching this project as a “ground-up” restore, my vision has been to replace the things that needed fixed or improved. This restoration would utilize original stock GM parts where applicable. If there was a more efficient replacement that met the factory specs, I would consider those parts as well. For that reason, you will see me use the term “revision” of the Firebird throughout this site. Revived, revised, restored… you get the general picture.